The Most Fragile Startup

By happyseaurchin

bubblesky_616-1We’ve appropriated this crowd-funding template for wordpress to enable the happening-hangouts.

We’re co-designing throughout August to trial four hangouts throughout September.

Our objective by the end of September?  To host 1000 players making a collective decision about what to do with £10,000 over the following week. If we get this happening, then our co-design has worked. This internet tool is judged by its social impact. Period.

A lot of stuff needs to be done:

  • decide on the Invitational-Protocol
  • choose layout for the website
  • make sure back-end of website are working, e.g. payments
  • invite networks to ha-ha trials
  • design provisional process of ha-ha, including use of eg
  • keep people up to date with status of the project