The challenge of flocking socially — Pegasus.

By happyseaurchin

We are Pegasus.

We are Pegasus.

Is it possible in this day and age for 100 to gather and make a collective decision that they are all happy about within one hour? Simon and I — we don’t know!

This is the experiment. 100 gathering not because of like-mindedness, but because of diversity of open-mindedness. Can we align to one social action within one hour, and feel good about it? This is the challenge. It’s never been done. It is a world premiere.

the impossibility and the problems

Technically, socially, psychologically, it is challenging, beyond our abilities. People feel they are not being listened to, or think it is voting and there are winners and losers, or want to drill down so that their decision is informed, or feel they are disempowered because they are not on the hangout. All valid. Others see the potential and better tools come to mind, improvements on how to achieve the objective, think of other processes. Again, all valid. Relative to our experience, our knowledge, our tools and skills we have evolved unto this point in time as a species, we are setting ourselves up to a social task we are bound to fail. Unless, somehow, we surprise ourselves — and we evolve, and we align, and we find our philosophy and practice aligning in action together. Pegasus.

As the ‘organisers’ of the first four trials, we’ve made plenty of mistakes — OK, mostly David has made mistakes. He got enthusiastic, too enthusiastic, he can’t see the problems, and his combination of math and getting enthusiastic with positive people, can get the better of him. We’ve stumbled. While the results of the second ha-ha were being put to action by Lesley, Anita, Liam and others, we ‘organisers’ dropped out for a weekend, and when we came back to start it with only three days to do, it was too late. We’ve picked ourselves up, we’ve dusted ourselves off. We are at your service.

the plan — by the numbers!

For us to have any chance of creating this experience — of 100 of us making a decision in an hour — consider the math of the following 6 points:

  1. The participants who have experienced even the tiniest bit of value out of the experiment so far, contribute today, right now, on Friday. It does not necessary mean you put in $10, though it is needed, nor that you come, though of course your contribution may be essential! Even if you can’t make it on the night, by adding yourself the social default state is, “I’d love to give it a go, and if I can’t make it, I’m showing that I’m there in mind.” This is critical. This is the seed.
  2. Over the weekend, we invite a few people each to give them the chance to experience the ha-ha. Not just any ha-ha, the fourth ha-ha, the world-premier, where 100 people are together and are going to make a decision in an hour by consensus. This kind of experiment is a one off. It is an experiment, whatever the results. Your contribution is enough to give others the opportunity, which is precisely what the ha-ha is about: Give-It-Forward. When people visit, they see there are some people with intention to go, and there is some money that we are making a decision about. Hopefully, they like the idea, they trust you, and so the seed sprouts into a shoot.
  3. Starting next week, we use social media to invite people, report on the results of the first three ha-ha’s. Now the people who turn up are people we do not know that well, and they click on the link and see. At this point, they have a choice to transform it from a possibility into a probability. So the shoot has grown to a tree.
  4. Next Thursday, we gather upto an hour before the time, sort out the technical issues, share our practices, and give the experiment, the fourth ha-ha our best shot. This is the fruit.
  5. At the end, we host two ha-ha’s. One for the winner who has attracted their team, to talk through the experience and share what they have planned for the coming week. The other for people who wish to participate in a de-briefing ha-ha, providing feedback and so on, and to share how they think ha-ha’s can evolve. At this stage, our 4 week trials are over, and it is up to everyone to do what they will with the website, the social tech.
  6. Over the week, the social action is performed. This is the fruit being eaten, the seeds being planted. If, for whatever reason, one has felt hard-done by throughout the experience, then here is the final and most important means by our social engagement is judged! All our actions from Friday to Thursday, through the actual 1 hour event itself, and of course the people who perform that action — the social impact is the means by which we judge the ha-ha, the website, the tool, and our skills.

we humbly ask that we give ourselves this chance

David and Simon humbly ask that we create this opportunity, not only for ourselves, but for others ahead of us in time. This is the sight we can give ourselves, if Give-It-Forwards works. The benefit to others will be immense.

We do not mind if we fail. If 100 of us gather, the information is overwhelming, we introduce the legacy of politics and can not agree, and we leave unsatisfied and unfulfilled, and the social action does not manifest as a result. This might happen. After all, we have admitted that it is impossible, and we make mistakes. And yet, can we give ourselves the chance?

Because if we do manage to prove ourselves as generous, sensitive and courageous human beings by evolving new ways of deciding together, we change future-history right there and then on that Thursday. The world will be different. Simple as that. A mythical social event will have manifested — Pegasus! We may find it difficult to repeat the experiment, just like we fumbled from the second to the third trial ha-ha. But the precedent will be set, and everyone who takes part will go down in history — not for a sense of their own ego, but so that future people can offer you gratitude.

We are Pegasus.

We are Pegasus.

Is it happening? Not without you………………………

Hit this link PEGASUS and contribute either your $10 or back it for FREE.

Lets Make this happen and complete the experiment 🙂