results of the ha-ha trials: dreams that come true

By happyseaurchin

What we have here, in the ha-ha’s, is an engine that converts people’s dreams into reality. It’s less a machine that empowers the wilful, and more a means by which people flock to a wisp of an idea, the faintest of good intention, and makes it happen.

In the first ha-ha, David Lynch ended up surprised that his idea was picked up and followed: doing good deeds, supported by cards of ‘Give It Forward Together’. By the weekend, we had designed the cards, and because we were taking advantage of a printer’s marketing policy, 250 would be printed and delivered free. They have been sent out to participants, and indeed found themselves in the hands of Lesley, the recipient of the second ha-ha. We are yet to hear about experiences that arise from use of the cards, whether harbouring them actually increases the rate by which random acts of kindness are perpetuated.


The second ha-ha was a surprise to Lesley Hughes. It was only the day before that she noticed the good work done by a local charity Harvest. She visited Jess Crocker who already got wind of the ha-ha because Liam Barrington-Bush, another participant of the ha-ha, was already tweeting about it. Liam wrote up a splendid blog-post of Lesley’s good work.

During that hour, there was considerable debate about whether donation of money actually qualified as ‘action,’ about the advantages and disadvantages of being an international group, with a (very) limited budget, about what actually constituted social impact…

None of these questions, however, prevented the group finding enough common ground to do something. Which is inspiring, but also definitely left me with further questions.

Here are some of Lesley’s images of her experience, and some words of her own experience.

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Initially, i was moved to suggest Harvest because i thought that were an innovative and exciting organisation here in Brighton and Hove and i discover that they are so much more than i realised. Jess is very interested to know more about how they can go into schools and involve families and spread the work of Harvest even more and involve as many communities in brighton as possible so the original thrust of my suggestion seems to emerged from this whole little liaison.

The third ha-ha was on the back of a bumpy week, and we decided to go meta, so the recipient of the collected fund was Simon who has produced the Steps To Do videos.