give it forward squared

What is the greatest social impact we can produce this week? — Decide in one hour!

Do we have the right qualities to generate a steady state of money-flow to be able to conduct regular social experiments, producing social impact, while providing significant income for participants? Every penny contributed is paid-forward to the action we decide upon. In one hour, we gather and make a collective decision to do social good! Do you have the quality of faith and insight to make this happen?

Make Time, Make a Contribution!

  • Hit the Contribute Now button next to the video and Pledge $10.00.
  • Open a account before the event, where we will thumbs up or down social actions.
  • Recommend the event, invite your friends, let’s snowball our individual contribution to manifest real social power.
  • Return here on Thursday 24th October 8pm UK/BST to watch the live feed — see below.
  • (Watch STEPS TO DO with 4 short videos to walk you through the process.)

This is not a discussion. This is a conversation of action.

Would you like help to achieve something inspiring this week? Think of something that would serve your community but lack the money or the people to enact it? Fed up with petitions, contributing to charities where you don’t see what the result is, or just bored with endless virtual talk? We successfully trialled four ha-ha’s in September, and this time we are doubling-up on our commitment and guaranteeing $100 for this event! All contributions for this event go forward to the next event, thus performing a similar function to sales, promotion and advertising — with our giving-it-forwards, we are creating a GIFT economy! It is in our best interest to get as many people involved in this process as possible: the more people, the moneyflow, the greater the social impact. Is it happening? You decide.

Return here on Thursday 24th October to participate in the live feed!

Optionally, register on Spreecast above so that you can contribute comments, or if you want to actually take part on the hangout.

Thursday 24th October, 8pm UK/BST, 3pm EDT, 12pm (noon) PDT — ( Come 30 mins early : )