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What’s the greatest social impact we can make this week? — Decide in one hour!

It happened on the Thursday 19th September, 8pm BST, 3pm EDT, 12pm (noon) PDT, 7pm GMT


This is not a discussion. This is a conversation of action.

This is not a community building exercise. By participating in a ha-ha, we strengthen the social fabric through trust and action.

This is the third of four trial happening-hangouts. We are experimenting with a more targetted ha-ha conceived by Deap, facilitated by Simon, supported by David.

How does the ha-ha work?

  • Hit the Contribute button: Pledge $10.00 which will go into the fund for social impact.
  • Open a Quora.com account if you do not already have one before the event: this is where we will vote other suggestions up and down on the night.
  • Return right here on Thursday 19th Sept to watch the live happening-hangout – the live feed video will replace the recorded video above.
  • Join the live web-chat by choosing a nickname and joining the #isithappening channel.

In one hour, we decide with everyone else what to do with our mutual fund with every penny going to the social action. Simple — we just need to learn the skills to make a collective decision we are all happy with.

Come early to hear the results of last week’s activity, and tips on how to do a ha-ha. And join in the hangout afterwards to help the recipient of the ha-ha to prepare this week’s action, and to give feedback on the ha-ha process. Is it happening? Only with your help.

Inspire a happening!

Would you like help to achieve something inspiring this week? Put it out there, see if others are willing to help. Think of something that would serve your community but lack the money or the people to enact it — suggest it and see if people are sensitive enough and generous enough to help. We are learning to flock, socially. We started beginning of September, we are trialling four ha-ha’s with the intention of reaching 1000 participants deciding what to do with $10,000 by the fourth ha-ha at the end of the month. Give it a go – evaluate your experience, not your pre-judged ideas. Take part and make a difference.

[We’ve hit some stormy weather, and there are 5 people signed up, and $40 more than the sum contributed so far.]


Stormy weather has just about brought this flocking experience to a halt. Is it happening? Just barely...

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