Inaugural Ha-ha

By David Pinto

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Thursday 5th September 2013. Inviting anyone we wish. Topic is open. We’re learning to flock, socially.

8pm BST, 3pm EDT, 12pm (noon) PDT, 7pm GMT

What is a Ha-ha?

The happening-hangout is a bit of social tech that allows us to produce social impact. We put in $10 each, and we all get to decide what to do with our collected budget — what’s the greatest social impact we can produce this coming week?

How does it work?

We watch a live hangout, a hangout-on-air which will be shown above, and edit commentary on where we put in our suggestions of what can be done over the week, align to other suggestions, vote answers up and down — all live within the hour’s hangout. The objective is for us all to align to one mutual objective for the week. Our $10 is not used to buy or sell anything — it is the budget we may need for the Ha-ha.

What’s the point?

Producing social impact. No overhead, no extra costs. No company, no ‘network group’, just people aligning to produce a social impact.

If we get things to happen in the real world on a weekly basis, this is why we play again, why we invite others to play.

And then you can start your own ha-ha’s, scope them so that they are geo-local, or involve your network. Ha-ha’s are a catalyst to turn collective motivation into action.



I've been offline for a week, so the invitation is only going out a few days before the event. This is short-notice -- but do take part if you can!

This is lead-edge social tech. Take part. By participating you will get an insight into how it may work with larger groups of participants. Stop talking, hypothesising, and aggregating networks -- start putting your trust relationships to the test -- let's get stuff done!

  1. Helene Finidori
  2. Erin Scott
  3. Frederico Li
  4. David Lynch
  5. Mark Fisher
  6. Doug Breitbart
  7. factor kincaid
  8. Simon Sutton
  9. factor kincaid