2nd trial ha-ha — getting off the ground!

By happyseaurchin

1200609IMG_6465u-1It’s been an incredible week. Simon came up with the idea of inviting 10 people each, people who we think might have the insight to make this happen. We’ve had some incredible conversations, and from a standing start a week ago, we’re just about to break 1,000 views.

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The second ha-ha is about to start in just over an hour. We’ve got $130 and 15 people coming. It may not sound like much, statistically, but it is all about quality. If the right people participate — and we don’t hit technical hitches — and the quality of contributions is high, we may hit the following wows:

  • a social impact action to be performed over the week
  • insight into the process to improve next week’s trial
  • invitation to the third trial (provisional ha-ha set up which needs to be fleshed out — feel free to contribute!)
  • the beginning of a longer-term view for the end of the trials and beyond

So, it’s never too late to catch what is going on. Take part, and even if you haven’t registered or payed, take part and get an insight into what is happening here. We are not a company, we are not taking a cut. All the money goes to the people conducting the action. This is a Give-It-Forwards activity, this is part of the transform, this may be the beginning of the economic turning point — depending on our participation. Sure, we don’t get off the ground and flock this time around, some other group somewhere else on the planet will — but we have a chance now, today, together!

Is it happening? Not with you, and that’s the truth.